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Sat27Surrey Green Pointed Swiss PairsGuildford, Spectrum at 12pm
Sun28Surrey Green Pointed Swiss TeamsGuildford, Spectrumat 12pm
AnyOct-MayLady Rose Cup & Plateat homeat
AnyOct-MaySurrey Leagueat homeat
Sun12Club Pairs Challenge FinalRipley Village Hallat 1pm
Wed22Club Chairmens LunchOld Barn Hall, Bookhamat 11am (expected finish 4pm)
AnyOct-MayNovice Leagueat homeat

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Bridge matters

Metropolitan Cup, 7th September

Scoring queries have been raised. These will be investigated.

Provisional ranking tables for each of the flights are now available:

A Flight B Flight C Flight

Teams of 12 Scorecards showing the IMP conversions:

A Flight B Flight C Flight

Player Rankings (X-IMPs) are here:

A Flight B Flight C Flight

Underlying travellers for each flight are here:

A Flight B Flight C Flight

IMP and VP Scales

The scoring methodology used is a recommended EBU approach of summing scores across all 6 pairs, and converting to IMPs using a modified IMP table (basic table x √3), before converting to VPs using the regular Teams of 4 scale for the number of boards involved. See the L&E Committee Minutes of September 2012 for more details.

Club Pairs Challenge Heats, 18 to 22 August
The Club Pairs Challenge Final at Ripley on 12th October IS NOW FULL. Any club or individual who has not yet entered will now be put on a waiting list. If you have already entered (or been entered by your club) and DO NOT NOW INTEND TO PLAY, then please contact Jill Cook to remove your entry from the list so others can enter.
SCBA GP week-end 27th and 28th September
If anyone would like to make up a team at Guildford with a pair of Life Masters please let me know. shirley.pritchard@blueyonder.co.uk A brochure is now available on the Competition Entry web page, or enter online. As usual both events are being held at the Spectrum Centre, Guildford.
However, both events start at 12 noon this year.

Late arrival at a SCBA event
If you are playing in a SCBA event
  • and you know that you will be late
  • or, you are suddenly unable to play and have not been able let anyone know the day before
please call the SCBA Tournament Mobile 07531 804887 so that the start of the event is not delayed and the correct movement can be put in play.

If you require a ruling during a match in a Surrey event please contact David Stevenson (0151 6777412). If he is not available please contact any EBU panel Tournament director whose telephone numbers are listed in the EBU diary.

Details of rules and appeal processes can be found on the SCBA rules & Info page.

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In general

Are you interested in representing Surrey?
Surrey are looking for pairs who would like to be considered for the Home Counties League which runs between October and May - there are 4/5 matches in all, on Thursdays at Young Chelsea BC. Each match is 24 boards. If you are interested please contact
EBU web site, you and the SCBA newsletter
Did you know that in the Members Area of the EBU web site (www.ebu.co.uk and click on 'Member Login') you can see (among other things)
  • Your personal details e.g. email address - Click on 'My details'
  • Your masterpoints (Click on 'Masterpoints') and where you won them (Sessions - the page that you start on)
Only you can update your personal details - your club cannot do this for you.

Or send an email to clare@ebu.co.uk.

If you want to get the quarterly newsletter sent out by SCBA then the EBU need to have your email address. Why not check your details to see if they are correct? You need to know your EBU number and password to do this. If you do not know your password, then ring the EBU or email them and they will let you know.

Surrey bridge teachers can advertise here free! For more details contact me -

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Congratulations to:
EBU Events
Peter Lee & Bob Rowlands for winning the 2014 National Pairs (their 4th victory in this event!)
Frances Hinden, Graham Osborne, Jeffrey Allerton & Peter Lee on being runners up in the B final in the Swiss Teams at Brighton

Surrey County Events

Other events

2014-2015  SCBA Committee

President: ,   Chairman: ,    Secretary: ,   Treasurer: ,  
Chief Tournament Director: position vacant,   Competition Secretary: ,
Membership Secretary: ,   Match Secretary: Peggy Griffin,   Communications Officer: ,
Committee: Jeffrey Allerton,  Peter Bentley,    (Web Manager),
Jill Cook,   Steve Foster,   George Gardiner,   Trevor Hobson (Novice & Surrey Leagues),
Bomi Kavarana (Youth Officer),   Shirley Pritchard

Activity managers: SCBA Sim. Pairs

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